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What IS a Cake Pop ?

A cake pop is a decadent combination of  fully-baked cake & frosting, rolled into a ball, and coated in premium white or milk chocolate, then decorated to perfection.

The outside looks like a traditional chocolate truffle (but slightly bigger), but the inside is a super-moist cake ball!

You’ve never tasted anything like it! It’s cake, frosting, and chocolate all in one perfectly-portioned little cake pop!

Pure bliss on a stick!

Each cake pop is carefully handmade from start to finish.

How do I store my cake pops?

We recommend storing our cake pops covered in a cool, dry place. Generally, they can last about 10 days at room temperature, as long as they are not exposed to heat, humidity, or sunlight. They can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks (please note that refrigerating our cake pops may cause condensation on the chocolate and affect the moisture content and appearance of our cake pops). We do not recommend freezing our cake pops.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the condition of our cake pops once they leaves our kitchen, due to the fact that we cannot control the way in which they are stored, or the conditions they are exposed to after they leave our kitchen. We do not accept any returns on cakepops, and all sales are final (not to worry, because we know how much you are going to love our treats!).

Are cake pops fully baked?

Yes! The cakes in our cake pops are fully baked prior to being made into cake balls. We achieve the super-moist (and super delicious!) consistency when frosting is added to the cake mixture, achieving a dough-like consistency. Our cake balls are 100% made by hand from start to finish, the first of which starts with a fully-baked caked.


What size are cake pops?

Our cake pops are approximately 3.5 centimetres in diameter (slightly smaller than a golf ball). They are just the right size for a satisfying dessert or treat, and they require no utensils to eat them!


What is the recommended cake pop serving size per person?

​We generally recommend 2 cake pops per person. 3 for those with a super sweet tooth! Please take into consideration what other desserts you will be having at your event, as well as your event attendees. Generally, the more flavors and options you have, the more guests want to try. Based on our customer feedback, it seems you can never quite have enough of our tasty little cakepops, but this amount should be a good guideline for your order.

How far in advance should I place my order?

​It is never too early to order! Generally, we recommend 7 business  days (Mon-Fri) for most orders. At times, we can make them in less time, and at times, more time is required. Larger orders require a minimum of 14 days notice. All orders are subject to availability based on other orders for your requested date. We do book up for early for spring and summer events, as well as around holidays. For weddings, large events, or corporate orders, please order as soon as possible. Weddings generally start booking approximately 6 months-1 year out, with Spring & Autumn dates in the most demand (these months tend to fill up earlier).

​All orders of $50.00 or less require payment in full to confirm the order.  For orders over $50, a minimum 50% deposit must be made at time of order placement, and final payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to order due date.

All order deposits and payments are non-refundable. 


Do you make any custom-shaped cake pops?

​While we offer many ways to customise our cakepops for your event, we do not currently offer any “shaped” cake  pops (other than “Mickey” or “Minnie” designs), or do any work with fondant or modeling chocolate.  Our cake pops are made to resemble a decadent chocolate truffle (except filled with cake & frosting!), and we work with only premium chocolate for coatings and decorations. Your cake pops can be customised by colouring our chocolate to match your event colours, as well as by adding any number of decorative toppings, such as glitters, sugars, jimmies, etc.  Contact us to see how we can customise and personalise our products for your event or occasion!​

What if I have food allergies?

All of our products are produced in an environment where the following are present, and may come in contact with your product: Nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, and products containing gluten. If you have a food allergy, we do not recommend consuming our products.